if you use the expression “fix him” to refer to Hook getting his hand back, I will block you

It's not like Colin has anything else to talk about aside from CS or his appearance, since that's what Hook has been reduced to. They took away the reason he was introduced. They took away his relationships with Cora and Bae. All that's left is a man that's all style and zero substance. And that's degrading to Colin just as it would be degrading to any actress whose character was playing a bland love interest and nothing more. But it's worse for Colin, he thought he was playing Captain Hook.

What a difference a year makes. Last year at Comic Con Colin was asked about Peter Pan & Neverland. This year he was asked how to be the perfect boyfriend. I refuse to believe Colin hasn't notice how little Hook matters.

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As far as "number of us vs. them" goes, I still think that CS is the third most popular couple on Once AT BEST. (Not counting SQ, which still has the most active fandom). On Facebook, an OQ pic got 97,000 likes; Rumbelle's wedding announcement got 155,000 (and another pic last year got more than 100,000). Meanwhile, after a full season of constant shilling, the TWO CS pics for the finale got 60,000 and 64,000. I've never even heard of CS getting more than 80,000 likes--have they?

Besides, I don’t really see why the numbers would matter. It’s still an awful ship, and it’s still shitty writing.

A&E said hook will get his hand back. Captain hook is officially dead. Why is he sticking around if he's not his original character anymore?

When you think this show can’t get any worse.

Those motherfucking goddamn writers.

What makes some CSers the biggest hypocrites,is that they complain about how we should see the good in Hook instead of his past & how he traded his ship blabla. But meanwhile they keep on reminding everyone how Neal left Emma in jail. While he made up 4 his mistakes like 8 times & acknowledged it with a sincere regret. He even sacrificed his life 4 Emma/Henrys sake. Still CSers refuse to acknowledge that & rather blame him for his past. Hook did worst & still they expect us to forget his past

Not to sound paranoid, but since I've learned that some major BAs read your blog religiously, I'm kind of suspicious of all these anons with their "Oh noez CC proved that the majority wuv CS and we're the only ones who don't." All CC proved is that Colin and Jen and ABC are shilling the hell out of CS, which we knew, and that people who paid thousands of dollars and sat in line for hours for a panel like the shit the show is feeding them. No offense, but duh.

I’m suspicious of certain anons as well, but there’s noway to really tell so, I just ignore it.

To borrow a quote from James St. James (and I think I will), this is the only way OUAT's Hook is growing on me. "Oh he was growing on me alright, like a fungus."

Just saw this post and it's specifically talking about you --> sassy-hook(.)tumblr(.)com/post/92190055667/oh-god


Once again, those stupid people didn’t the point. What is new.

Were you a Neal/Emma shipper? Or Regina/Emma? Or a nothing/Emma?

I can appreciate both ships, but honestly I couldn’t have given a fuck who she would have ended up with. Emma/Nothing would have been my dreamed endgame endeed. I didn’t watch the show so see who Emma was gonna end up in the end.